WordPress Widgets Management

Widgets Management in a WordPress

Here we will discuss about Widgets Management  in a WordPress . Widgets are like blocks having specific codes for different functions. In any sidebar you can add and remove widget as per need through drag and drop.

Here are some to steps to access widgets management in a wordpress:

Step 1 : Widgets setting is displayed in Appearance section of wordpress dashboard so, click on Appearanceand then click on Widgets.

Step 2 : A new screen open and there will be a following functions appear :

  1. Available Widgets.
  2. Inactive Sidebar (not used)
  3. Inactive Widgets
  4. Sidebar Main
  5. Manage in Customizer

  1. Available Widgets : These are available to you to add to the sidebar.
  2. Inactive Sidebar (not used) : These are not used and can be removed permanently from the widget list.
  3. Inactive Widgets : These are the removed widgets from sidebar.
  4. Sidebar Main : Any widget which you add here will appear on your site.
  5. Manage in Customizer : Takes you back to customization page.

Step 3 : Drag and drop in the Sidebar Main. Any widget you add here, shows up on your site.

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