WordPress Users Role

User Role in a WordPress

Here we will discuss about, Users Role in a WordPress . Every user has their own role in WordPress. Roles are like permissions given to a particular user to access the WordPress site. Admin assigns different roles to different types of users. 

Here are some pre-defined users role available in a wordpress :

Administrator :  Administrator is the one having complete authority over the website, right from adding new posts to deleting existing posts. The administrator can change the current appearance and look of the site, as well as passwords and other account details.

Editor : The Editor has access to all the posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and links. They can create, publish, edit or delete any posts or pages.

Author : Authors can write, edit, delete and publish posts. Author can also add midea files (images, video etc).

Contributors : Contributors do not have the right to make public their posts, content, or page. They usually send their post to the administrator for review. They even don’t possess the right to upload files like images or videos to their posts.

Subscriber : are subscribed to your site and can log in and update their profile as well as read all public posts. Also, they can update their passwords and other subscriber details.

Followers : The Follower can only read and comment on the posts. Followers are the ones who have signed in to your account to receive updates.

Viewers : Viewers can read your posts and they can comment on your post.

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