WordPress Reading Setting

Reading Setting in WordPress

Here we discuss about the WordPress  Reading Setting. Mainly Reading setting is used to set the posts or content which were related to your front page. In Reading settings you can set how many posts to be displayed to the main page page of your blog.

Here are some steps to change or to access the reading setting.

Step 1:  Reading setting is displayed in setting section of wordpress dashboard so, click on setting and then on reading setting.

Step 2 :  On reading setting page their you will see many points as shown below:

Here are the details  of the point shown above :

  1. Home Page Display : It is used to display the front page of your site in any following format given below:

i) Your latest post : It means that your latest will be displayed to your front page of a site.
ii) A static page : It means it display the static page on the front page.
iii) Front Page − It means that  you can select the actual page which you want to display on front page from the drop down.
iv) Posts Page − It means you can select the page from the drop down which contains posts

2. Blog Pages show at most : It means that how many post would you want to display on 1 page. By default it is set as 10 but you can change it and your choice.

3. Syndication feeds show the most recent : The user can view the number of posts when they download one of the site feeds. By default, it is set as 10.

4. For each post in a feed, include  : It is used to display your post in the form of full test or in summarized form. By selecting forms you set it, these are :

i) Full Text : It display the hole content of your post.

ii) Summary  : It display the summary of your post.

5. Search engine visibility : If you click on this then your site will be ignored by the search engine.

Step 3 : When you fill all the point then click on the Save Changes to to save yourinformation which you have changed in reading setting Option.     

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