WordPress Permalink Setting

Permalink Setting in WordPress

Here we discuss about the WordPress  Permalink  Setting. It is a permanent link to the particular post or to a category. It allows setting the default permanent link structure to a post or to a category. Mainly these setting are used to add permalink (permanent link)  to your posts in a WordPress.

Here are some steps to change or to access the permalink setting.

Step 1 : Permalink setting is displayed in setting section of wordpress dashboard so, click on setting and then on Permalink.

Step 2 : In Permalink setting page their you will see many points as given below:

  1. Common Setting : In there are many radio buttons by choosing one of them you can set the permalink structure to your posts.
  1. Default : It will set the default url structure for your post in wordpress.
  2. Day and Name : In this url structure for your post will be set according to date and name.
  3. Month and Name : In this url structure for your post will be set according to month and name.
  4. Numeric : It will set the number in the url structure for your post.
  5. Post name : It will set the post name url structure for posts.
  6. Custom Structure : In this you can set the url (by writing) whatever you want to see for your posts.

  1. Optional : These are optional. You can add custom structure for main category or tag URL. If your text box is empty then default settings is used. Here you have two options.
  1. Category base :  Add custom prefix for your category URL.
  2. Tag base : Add custom prefix to your Tags URL.

Step 3 : When you fill all the point then click on the Save Changes to save your information which you have changed in permalink setting Option.

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