WordPress Media Setting

Media Setting in WordPress

Here we discuss about the WordPress  Media Setting. Media setting is used to set the size of a image which you use in your website.

Here are some steps to change or to access the media setting.

Step 1 :  Media setting is displayed in setting section of wordpress dashboard so, click on setting and then on Media.

Step 2 : OnMedia setting page their you will see many points as given below:

  1. Thumbnail size : It is used to set the thumbnail size for the image.
  2. Medium Size : It is used to set the image height and width to the medium size.
  3. Large size  : It is used to set the image height and width to the large size.
  4. Uploading size : If you click on this box then the images you posts will be arranged in month wise or year wise.

Step 3 : When you fill all the point then click on the Save Changes to save your information which you have changed in media setting Option.     

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