WordPress Insert Media Files

How to Insert Media Files in a WordPress

Here we discuss about how to Insert  Media Files in a WordPress. WordPress Media Files can be inserted from the Media Libraries, URLs, or local storage in the WordPress pages or in a Posts.

Here are some steps to add or to change the WordPress Insert media files.

Step 1 : To insert media in a post you have to create new post first click on post  and then on add new.

Step 2 : After that you have to click on add media option .

Step 3 :  Now you can choose the media files from the Media library. All information on the selected media file will be shown in the Attachment Details on the right side of the screen.

Step 4 : Now you have to click on Select button to insert the media file in your post.

Step 5 : You can also directly add the media files in your post by clicking on upload files. And then click on Select button to insert the file.

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