WordPress Edit And Delete Tags

How to Edit And Delete Tags in a WordPress

Here we will discuss about, how to Edit And Delete Tags in a WordPress . As we have studied how to add tags in previous section here we will edit & delete tags.

Here are some steps to edit and delete tags in a wordpress.

Step 1 : Edit Tags is displayed in Tags section of wordpress dashboard so, click on Post and then click on Tags.

Step 2 : As when you visit on Tags page then there will the Tags will display which you have created previously. Then hover the mouse pointer to that [Tag ] then under that tag three option will be shown: Edit, Quick Edit and  Delete.

To edit tag, there are two option by using which you can edit the tags:

1. Edit : You can edit any of the required field, like name, slug, description.
After editing the the you have to click on update button to save the changes.

2. Quick Edit : Here you can edit only the name and slug of the tags and then click on update button to save the changes.

Step 3 : If you want to delete the tag bring the mouse pointer  under that tag which you want to delete. Under that tag delete option will be displayed.

Step 4 : When you click on delete, you will get a pop message asking for confirmation to delete. You can click on OK button and delete the tag permanently.

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