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How to Add User in a WordPress

Here we will discuss about, how to Add User in a WordPress . WordPress uses the concept of roles that are assigned using the Users, which gives the site owner the ability to control what users can or cannot perform within the site. When users register on your WordPress blog or website, you get an e-mail notification, so you always know when new users register, and you can then get into your Dashboard and edit the users’ role.

Here are some steps to change or to add user in a wordpress.

Step 1 : Add user is displayed in User section of wordpress dashboard so, click on User and then click on Add new.

Step 2 : After that a new page will appear and on that page there will you have to fill the following points as given below :

  1. Username (required) : Here you have to enter the user name which you want to display on your website or a blog.
  2. E-mail (required) : Here you have to enter a valid or a active e-mail id. The user will get notification from the site.
  3. First Name : Here you have enter the user’s first name.
  4. Last Name : Here you have enter the user’s last name.
  5. Website : Here you have to enter the url for users website.
  6. Password (required) : Enter the Password.
  7. Repeat Password (required) : Again enter the password to recheck.
  8. Send Password? : Send password to the New User by e-mail checkbox. The user will receive an e-mail with the new password.
  9. Role : Select the particular role from the dropdown, i.e., Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator.

After that you have to click on Add new user to add user in user list.

Step 3 : To see that user is added, click on user setting and there will be the user name displayed which you have added.

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