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Add Posts In WordPress

Here we will discuss about, how to Add Posts in a WordPress . Adding posts in WordPress is to insert content like (text, multimedia, images and other documents) is a common activity of a WordPress admin user. Post is termed as article and a blog or blog posts.

Here are some steps to add posts.

Step 1 : Add post (Add new) is displayed in Posts section of wordpress dashboard so, click on Post and then click on Add new.

Step 2 : After clicking on Add new editor page will display on your screen and on that there were two fields :

  1. Title
  2. Content

Title : In this filed you have to write the title of your post.

Content : In this filed you to write some content (like: articles, etc) of your posts.

Step 3 : After filling both the fields you have to click on the Publish button (it is displayed on the right side) to publish the posts.

There are some other fields which are displayed under the publish button and they are :

i) Save Draft : It saves you post as a draft.

ii) Preview : By clicking on preview you can see your post before publishing the posts.  

iii) Move to trash : If you click on it then your post will be deleted permanently.

iv) Status : Change the status of your post to Published, Pending, or Reviewer Draft.

v) Visibility : Change visibility to Public, Password protected and Private.

vi) Published : In this you can change date and time of your post after publishing the posts.

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