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how to Add Category in WordPress

WordPress Add Category : Here we will discuss about, how to Add Category in a WordPress . WordPress categories is an essential tool that is used by the admins and users in dividing the web site’s content into various sections. Different topics publishing in a single website can be divided into different categories. It tells the reader what a post is about and they can easily find their content from a lot.

 In case there is no category added to your posts or contents, then by default, the category is set to uncategorized.

Here are some steps to change or to add category.

Step 1:  Add is displayed in Posts section of wordpress dashboard so, click on Post and then click on Categories.

Step 2 : OnCategories setting page their you will see many points to add category as given below:

Name : In this you have to enter category name and it should be unique(like: if your post based of technology you can give a category name as tech name etc.)
Slug :  It is used in the URL to display your category. For example, if your category is Tech and slug is Technology, then your URL will be like Tech.com/news/Technology.
Parent : Parent is that block where you can add sub-categories assigning your category or select none, this selection is optional.
Description : In you have to enter description (detail) based on your post.

Step 3 : After filling all the points you have to click on Add new Category button.

Step 4 : After clicking on Add New Category, the new created category will get displayed on the right side of the page.

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