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C - Comments

Comments in C

Comments in C language are used to provide information about lines of code. It is widely used for documenting code. There are 2 types of comments in the C language. Single Line Comments Multi-Line Comments Single Line Comments Single line comments are represented by double slash \\. Let’s see an example of a single line …

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comments in python

Python Comments

Python Comments is an essential tool for the programmers.Python Comments are generally used to explain the code. We can easily understand the code if it has a proper explanation. A good programmer must use the comments because in the future anyone wants to modify the code as well as implement the new module; then, it …

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Java Comments

The purpose of including Java Comments in your code is to explain what the code is doing. Java supports both single and multi-line comments. All characters that appear within a comment are ignored by the Java compiler. Types of Java Comments: There are three types of comments in Java. i)Single Line Comment: A single-line comment …

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