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RCP – Readers Collaboration Program

Hi! Welcome to AskAtul.com and Readers collaboration program. 

Here, we encourage you to write technical article in the field of your interest. You are good in specific technical fields. You want to share your knowledge with the world of learners and seeker. Along with the recognition for your good work. Then this is the right place for you.

We accept technical articles related to any field. For instance, you can write article on any concept of programming in C, Python, Java etc. Or you can discuss subtle characteristics or challenges of the cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Data Science, BlockChain etc. in your articles. You can pic up the competitive coding concepts or problem and provide solution for that in your article. You can also write article from tutorial point of view explaining process to accomplish a specific task related to technology. 

If your article meets our guidelines, we will publish your articles for free on AskAtul.com under specific category. Your Name, Photograph and your brief introduction shall be added to the Hall Of Contributors.

Guidelines for the article:

  1. The article should be technical.
  2. The article should be self written not copied from anywhere.
  3. Use of relevant photographs in the article is encouraged. High resolution photographs must be used in the article.
  4. Good length articles are preferred. 
  5. Title, headings and subheadings must be properly presented in the article.

How to submit articles:

The complete article written in doc format must be submitted submitted by E-mail. The E-mail ID is askatul2020@gmail.com. Along with the article, send your photograph and brief introduction of yours (not more than 100 words).

For any further query or assistance, reach us through Contact Us.