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Java Script in Detail: JavaScript (.js) is a light-weight object-oriented programming language which is used by several websites for scripting the webpages.
It is an interpreted, full-fledged programming language that enables dynamic interactivity on websites when applied to an HTML document.

Although, Java Script has no connectivity with Java programming language.
The name was suggested and provided in the times when Java was gaining popularity in the market.
In addition to web browsers, databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB uses Java Script as their scripting and query language.

Advantages of JavaScript

The merits of using Java Script are −

  • Less server interaction
  • Immediate feedback to the visitors
  • Increased interactivity
  • Richer interfaces

Limitations of Java Script are :

We cannot treat JavaScript as a full-fledged programming language. It lacks the following important features −

  • Client-side Java Script does not allow the reading or writing of files.
    This has been kept for a security reason.
  • JavaScript cannot be used for networking applications because there is no such support available.
  • JavaScript doesn’t have any multi-threading or multiprocessor capabilities.

Development Tools

One of major strengths of JavaScript is that it does not require expensive development tools.
As You can start with a simple text editor such as Notepad.
Since it is an interpreted language inside the context of a web browser, you don’t even need to buy a compiler.

  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
  • Macromedia HomeSite 5

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