DLD |Gate-2013| Previous Year Questions| Set-8

Set-15 GATE-2006 DLD

DLD |Gate-2013| Digital Logic Design

  1. The smallest integer that can be represented by an 8-bit number in 2’s complement form is : [GATE – 2013]

a. -256
b. -128
c. -127
d. 0

Answer : b)

  1. In the following truth table, V = 1 if and only if the input is valid.

What function does the truth table represent?  [GATE – 2013]

a. Priority encoder
b. Decoder
c. Multiplexer
d. Demultiplexer

Answer : a)

  1. Which one of the following expressions does NOT represent exclusive NOR of x and y? [GATE – 2013]

a. xy+x’y’
b. x⊕y’
c. x’⊕y
d. x’⊕y’

Answer : d)
DLD |Gate-2013|


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