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Welcome to CSS-3 : CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS. CSS3 is completely backwards-compatible with earlier CSS versions.

Some of the most significant new features are:

Border radius – allows us to create rounded corners for elements.

Border images – allows us to specify an image as the border around an element.

Multiple backgrounds –applies multiple backgrounds to elements.

Animations and effects, and much more!

i. Media Queries
ii. Namespaces
iii. Selectors Level 3
iv. Color

Welcome to CSS-3 modules:

CSS3 is collaboration of CSS2 specifications and new specifications, we can called this collaboration is module. Some of the modules are shown below :

1. Selectors
2. Box Model
3. Backgrounds
4. Image Values and Replaced Content
5. Text Effects
6. 2D Transformations
7. 3D Transformations
8. Animations
9. Multiple Column Layout
10. User Interface

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