CD |Gate-2017| Previous Year Questions| Set-4

Set-15 GATE-2006 CD

CD |Gate-2017| Compiler Design

1. Consider the following intermediate program in three address code

           p = a – b
           q = p * c
           p = u * v
          q = p + q

Which of the following corresponds to a static single assignment form of the above code? [GATE – 2017]

a. p1 = a-b
      q1 = p1 * c
      p1 = u*v
      q1 = p1 + q1

b. p3 = a-b
q4 = p3 * c
      p4 = u*v
      q5 = p4 + q4

c. p1 = a-b
      q1 = p2 * c
      p3 = u*v
      q2 = p4 + q3

d. p1 = a-b
      q1 = p * c
      p2 = u*v
      q2 = p + q

Answer : b)

2. Consider the following grammar:

P → xQRS
Q → yz|z
R →w| ε
S → y

What is FOLLOW(Q)? [GATE – 2017]

a. {R}
b. {w}
c. {w, y}
d. {w, $}

Answer : c)

3. Consider the following grammar:

    stmt    →  if expr then expr else expr; stmt | ȯ
    expr    →  term relop term | term
    term    →  id | number
    id      →  a | bc
    number  → [0-9]

where relop is a relational operator (e.g., <, >, …), ȯ refers to the empty statement, and ifthenelse are terminals.

Consider a program P following the above grammar containing ten if terminals. The number of control flow paths in P is ________. For example, the program

     if e1 then e2 else e3

has 2 control flow paths, e1  e2 and e1  e3. [GATE – 2017]

a. 1024
b. 1025
c. 1026
d. 1027

Answer : a)
CD |Gate-2017|

4. Consider the expression (a-1)*(((b+c)/3)+d)). Let X be the minimum number of registers required by an optimal code generation (without any register spill) algorithm for a load/store architecture, in which (i) only load and store instructions can have memory operands and (ii) arithmetic instructions can have only register or immediate operands. The value of X is ___________. [GATE – 2017]

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

Answer : a)

5. Match the following according to input (from the left column) to the compiler phase (in the right column) that processes it: [GATE – 2017]

(P) Syntax tree(i) code generator
(Q) Character stream(ii) syntax analyzer
(R) Intermediate representation(iii) semantic analyzer
(S) Token Stream(iv) lexial analyzer

a. P→(ii), Q→(iii), R→(iv), S→(i)
b. P→(ii), Q→(i), R→(iii), S→(iv)
c. P→(iii), Q→(iv), R→(i), S→(ii)
d. P→(i), Q→(iv), R→(ii), S→(iii)

Answer : c)

6. Which of the following statements about parser is/are CORRECT? [GATE – 2017]

I. Canonical LR is more powerful than SLR.
II. SLR is more powerful than LALR.
III. SLR is more powerful than Canonical LR.

a. I only
b. II only
c. III only
d. II and III only

Answer : a)


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