CD |Gate-2009| Previous Year Questions| Set-12

Set-15 GATE-2006 CD

CD |Gate-2009| Compiler Design

  1. Match all items in Group 1 with correct options from those given in Group : [GATE – 2009]
         Group 1         Group 2
P.Regular Expression1.Syntax Analysis
Q.Pushdown Automata2.Code generation
R.Dataflow analysis3.Lexical analysis
S.Register allocation4.Code optimization

a. P-4, Q-1, R-2, S-3
b. P-3, Q-1, R-4, S-2
c. P-3, Q-4, R-1, S-2
d. P-2, Q-1, R-4, S-3

Answer : b)

  1. Which of the following statements are TRUE? I.There exist parsing algorithms for some programming languages whose complexities are less than q (n3 ). II.A programming language which allows recursion can be implemented with static storage III.No L-attributed definition can be evaluated in the framework of bottom-up parsing. IV.Code improving transformations can be performed at both source language and intermediate code level  : [GATE – 2009]

a. I and II
b. III and IV
c. I and Iv
d. I, III and IV

Answer : c)
CD |Gate-2009|


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