APTITUDE |Gate-2017| Previous Year Questions| Set-4


APTITUDE |Gate-2017|

1. After RajendraChola returned from his voyage to Indonesia, he _________ to visit the temple in Thanjavur. [GATE – 2017]

a. was wishing
b. is wishing
c. wished
d. had wished

Answer : c)

2. Research in the workplace reveals that people work for many reason __________. [GATE – 2017]

a. money beside
b. beside money
c. money besides
d. besides money

Answer : d)
APTITUDE |Gate-2017|

3. Rahul, Murali, Srinivas and Arul are seated around a square table. Rahul is sitting to the left of Murali,Srinivas is sitting to the right of Arul. Which of the following pairs are seated opposite each other? [GATE – 2017]

a. Rahul and Murali
b. Srinivas and Arul
c. Srinivas and Murali
d. Srinivas and Rahul

Answer : c)

4. Find the smallest number y such that y × 162 is a prefect cube. [GATE – 2017]

a. 24
b. 27
c. 32
d. 36

Answer : d)

5. The probability that a k-digit number does NOT contain the digits 0, 5 or 9 is : [GATE – 2017]

a. 0.3k
b. 0.7k
c. 0.6k
d. 0.9k

Answer : b)

6. “The hold of the nationalist imagination on our colonial past is such that anything inadequately or improperly nationalist is just not history.”

Which of the following statements best reflects the author’s opinion? [GATE – 2017]

a. Nationalists are highly imaginative.
b. History is viewed through the filter of nationalism.
c. Our colonial past never happened.
d. Nationalism has to be both adequately and properly imagined.

Answer : b)

7. Six people are seated around a circular table. There are atleast two men and two women. There are at least three right-handed persons. Every woman has a left-handed person to her immediate right. None of the women are right-handed. The number of women at the table is : [GATE – 2017]

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. Cannot be determined

Answer :a)

8. The expression  [(x + y) – |x-y| ] / 2  is equal to : [GATE – 2017]

a. the maximum of x and y
b. 1
c. the minimum of x and y
d. none of the above

Answer : c)
APTITUDE |Gate-2017|

9. Arun, Gulab, Neel and Shweta must choose one shirt each from a pile of four shirts coloured red, pink, blue and white respectively. Arun dislikes the colour red and Shweta dislikes the colour white. Gulab and Neel like all the colours. In how many different ways can they choose the shirts so that no one has a shirt with a colour he or she likes? [GATE – 2017]

a. 21
b. 18
c. 16
d. 14

Answer : d)

10. A contour line joins locations having the same height above the mean sea level. The following is a contour plot of a geographical region. Contour lines are shown at 25 m intervals in this plot. If in a flood, the water level rises to 525 m, which of the villages P, Q, R, S, T get submerged? [GATE – 2017]

a. P,Q
b. P,Q,T
c. R,S,T
d. Q,R,S

Answer : c)

11. Choose the option with words that are not synonyms. [GATE – 2017]

a. aversion, dislike
b. yielding, resistan
c. plunder, loot
d. luminous, radiant

Answer : b)

12. Saturn is __________ to be seen on a clear night with the naked eye. [GATE – 2017]

a. enough bright
b. bright enough
c. as enough bright
d. bright as enough

Answer : b)

13. e are five buildings called V, W, X, Y and Z in a row (not necessarily in that order). V is to the West of W, Z is to the East of X and the West of V, W is to the West of Y. Which is the building in the middle? [GATE – 2017]

a. V
b. W
c. X
d. Y

Answer : a)
APTITUDE |Gate-2017|

14. A test has twenty questions worth 100 marks in total. There are two types of questions. Multiple choice questions are worth 3 marks each and essay questions are worth 11 marks each. How many multiple choice questions does the exam have? [GATE – 2017]

a. 12
b. 15
c. 18
d. 19

Answer : b)

15. There are 3 red socks, 4 green socks and 3 blue socks. You choose 2 socks. The probability that they are of the same colour is : [GATE – 2017]

a. 1⁄5
b. 1⁄4
c. 7⁄30
d. 4⁄15

Answer : d)

16. “We lived in a culture that denied any merit to literary works, considering them important only when they are handmaidens to something seemingly more urgent – namely ideology. This was a country where all gestures, even the most private, were interpreted in political terms.”

The author’s belief that ideology is not as important as literature is revealed by the word: [GATE – 2017]

a. ‘culture’
b. ‘seemingly’
c. ‘urgent’
d. ‘political’

Answer : b)

17. There are three boxes. One contains apples, another contains oranges and the last one contains both apple and oranges. All three are known to be incorrectly labeled. If you are permitted to open just one box and then pull out and inspect only one fruit, which box would you open to determine the contents of all three boxes? [GATE – 2017]

a. The box labeled ‘Apples
b. The box labeled ‘Apples and Oranges’
c. The box labeled ‘Oranges’
d. Cannot be determined

Answer : b)

18. X is a 30 digit number starting with the digit 4 followed by the digit 7. Then the number X3 will have : [GATE – 2017]

a. 90 digits
b. 91 digits
c. 92 digits
d. 93 digits

Answer : a)

19. The number of roots of ex + 0.5x2 – 2 in the range [-5, 5] is : [GATE – 2017]

a. 0
b. 2
c. 3
d. 1

Answer : b)

20. An air pressure contour line joins locations in a region having the same atmospheric pressure. The following is an air pressure contour plot of a geographical region. Contour lines are shown at 0.05 bar intervals in this plot.

If the possibility of a thunderstorm is given by how fast air pressure rises or drops over a region, which of the following regions is most likely to have a thunderstorm? [GATE – 2017]

a. P
b. Q
c. R
d. S

Answer : c)


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