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Google Cloud

Written By : Mitali Bhalla

About 12 years ago, Google realized that its growth and business couldn’t move fast enough due to its confined virtualization model.

Hence, Google created a container-based architecture which is fully automated, an elastic cloud, that consists of services which configure and provide the infrastructure required for running the applications automatically.

With a belief that in this competitive world where technology is reaching new heights day by day, every top-notch company will stand out of the league in terms of advancement of technology, that’s why it invested billions of dollars on this technology popularly known as ‘Google Cloud’ today.

Google Cloud provides a wide variety of services for managing and getting value from data at scale. The service-overview of Google Cloud is summarized in the picture below:

The services provided by Google cloud seem like a one-step solution for all our major requirements without being dependent on much of hardware and technical staff! Seems very interesting, that’s what Google thought!

Google and its Enormous Network

Google’s network carries 40% of the world’s internet traffic every day. Google’s network is the largest network on Earth. The network interconnects at more than 90 Internet exchanges and more than 100 points of presence worldwide. When an internet user sends traffic to a Google resource, Google responds to the user’s request from an Edge Network location that will provide the lowest latency (Time between a user’s request and the web application’s response to the request).

Benefits of using Google Cloud

  1. Value for money.
  2. Private Global Fiber Network.
  3. Live Migration of Virtual Machines.
  4. Improved Performance.
  5. State of the Art Security.
  6. Dedication to Continued Expansion.
  7. Redundant Backups.

Value for Money

Google provides per-second billing for its cloud services along with automatically applied sustained-use discounts. It also helps you to put customized restrictions so that you do not exceed your budget by mistake.

Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Google provides its users the feature of running their applications on other platforms if Google becomes no longer the best provider for their needs.

Security in Google Cloud

Google has a well embedded security layered system to ensure no data loss and leak at each particular level.

“Hence, being one of the most top-notch tech-giants, Google has created a one-stop, less hardware dependent solution for its customers which is worth a use in this era where technology is reaching the sky with its wonders!”

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