ALGORITHMS |Gate-1995| Previous Year Questions| Set-13

previous year question of ALGORITHMS gate 1993

ALGORITHMS |Gate-1995|

  1. Merge sort uses : [GATE – 1995]

a. Divide and conquer strategy
b. Backtracking approach
c. Heuristic search
d. Heuristic search

Answer : a)

  1. For merging two sorted lists of sizes m and n into a sorted list of size m+n, we required comparisons of : [GATE – 1995]

a. O(m)
b. O(n)
c. O(m+n)
d. O(logm+logn)

Answer : c)

  1. The postfix expression for the infix expression : A + B * (C +D) / F+D *E is : [GATE – 1995]

a. AB + CD + *F/D + E*
b. ABCD + *F/DE*++
c. A *B + CD/F *DE++
d. A + *BCD/F* DE++
e. None of the above

Answer : e)

  1. Which of the following statement is true? [GATE – 1995]
  1. As a number of entries in a hash table increases, the number of collision increases.
  2. Recursive program are efficient
  3. The worst case complexity for Quicksort isO(n^2)
  4. Binary search using a linear linked list is efficient?

a. I and II
b. II and III
c. I and IV
d. I and III

Answer : d)
ALGORITHMS |Gate-1995|


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